Jonathan Swanson - Director of Business Opportunities

Jonathan Swanson is the Director of Business Opportunities and brings over 7 years of business brokerage and real estate expertise to the Imperium Group team. Mr. Swanson’s experience involves the listing, marketing, and sale of businesses from $30,000 to over $10 million coupled with real estate transactions throughout Metro Detroit. He has worked with a wide variety of entities from sole proprietorships to large corporations. 

Mr. Swanson has a great understanding of the business climate and the impact that different economic conditions may have on the bottom line.  His constant positivity and motivation is appreciated by the many clients that he has served. He methodically prepares marketing and due diligence to ensure that each asset is presented properly with all necessary materials so the client can make an informed decision.  Through the many transactions that he has closed, he has proven himself to be a trusted member of the business community. 

Mr. Swanson lives in Macomb County where his wife is an elementary school teacher and is the proud father of two young boys along with a wacky German Shepherd named Lucky. When he isn't working, he enjoys time with his family and cycling.